Monday, 19 November 2012


Spent a day last week shopping with a friend from out of town. We had a great day and I only had one regret (not buying amazing bangles from Kate Spade that were on SALE! and actually fit my wrists). If there is one thing I thought I had learned it was to buy what you love. I second guessed myself and wish I would have bought them....oh well next time. I did at least remember to wear a light coat. Hate having a huge winter coat along when you are trying to dig through the racks.


  1. Perfect layers! So cute :)

  2. Had so much fun shopping with you and agree - we should have bought the bangles.......
    Hope to see you soon! Love your Blog -lots of cool ideas

  3. Cool & cozy look, my dear!!!


  4. i like your outfit, love the layering
    im following you :) follow back xx

  5. I'm kind of obsessed with your boots! I really like your overall outfit as well. There is just something about black jeans, a chambray shirt, and an army green jacket that I absolutely love.


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