Sunday, 9 September 2012

Shamballa Bracelet

Last night I was at an amazing fundraiser, "Journey for Jacob" benefitting Sick Kids Cancer Clinic and Pediatric Cancer Research. During the silent auction I bid on an won a Swarovski Shamballa bracelet. Shamballa bracelets have become popular in the last few years with celebrities and are known to symbolize vitality, love, inner strength, power, mind and balance. I am hoping that every time I wear this it will send all of the love and strength to Jacob and his family along with the many children battling Cancer. 


  1. How interesting that a piece of jewellery would have so much symbolism attached to it. The cause you supported in buying it makes the piece even more precious.

  2. Great bracelet! Congratulation! It's amazing how shamballa bracelets conquer more and more popularity. Very shiny and attractive stuff :)


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