Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Dreaming of.....

It is cold outside, and I am definitely dreaming of this vibrant Dior Couture coat, worn so well by Leelee Sobieski. Not sure why so many of us (myself included) buy black coats when there are so many other colours to choose from. I think the next time I purchase a new coat I will ensure to stay away from black and opt for a more colourful option.


  1. probably because coats are for warmth and black is best for heat retention

  2. I disagree; I hate looking around in winter and feeling like we're all going to a funeral or in communist times! That's why my coat is red. Also helps people find me in a crowd. There are; however, far less colour options to choose from than one might hope. If you don't like the colour of the season, black is always going to be the easiest choice!

  3. How about umbrellas - always black - here on the west (wet) coast it would sure be nice to be in downtown vancouver surrounded by a colourful scene of umbrellas


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