Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Oprah Dress

6 months ago today I got to check something off my bucket list. For 20 years I had wanted to go see Oprah in Chicago, I kept putting it off, and then she announced it would be her final year and I knew there was no way I was getting tickets. I was upset and figured I would never get the chance. So when I heard she was coming to Toronto back in April I made sure I got tickets! I went so far as to get up at 4am to stand in line with thousands of other women (and a few men) as seating was first come first serve. I had to RUN and almost got knocked over several times by women old enough to be my grandmother, it was chaos but myself and 3 friends managed to get great seats. It was truly an inspiring day and one I will not forget anytime soon. Every time I see the dress I wore that day hanging in my closet it makes me smile and I will forever consider it to be my "Oprah" dress. Now if only I could meet her.......

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