Friday, 9 November 2012

Layering Necklaces

Right now I'm totally into layering necklaces. It means taking necklaces and putting them together. Sometimes on their own they are just ok, but when you add them with another one they become something great. Easy to do, just play around with what you already have. Here are two necklaces I have that when worn together look great. The nice thing is you can create your own statement look that no one else will have!


  1. How amazingly creative.

  2. Who isn't into layering necklaces these days?

  3. I absolutely love the look of Layered Necklaces, say 3 chains with pendants, that I see on other people. The chains are all different lengths and I have lots of pendants ranging from sparkly to sparse to "old fashioned", but when I mix them up, it looks off and never as nice when I see it online. How can I make this work? I work in a business casual environment on the higher end of business casual.


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