Thursday, 29 November 2012

Ring Ring...

One of the accessories that I am obsessed with are rings. I love how you can change up an outfit by adding a ring. I have been known to create an entire outfit based on a ring. It is such a simple accessory that can be so much fun to experiment with. One of the things I love to do when I travel is pick up a ring as a souvenir. It started on my honeymoon, in Spain I found this fun inexpensive ring (cost around $15) I wore it all the time and eventually it started to tarnish, I figured at least I had gotten to enjoy it for quite a while and was ready to retire it. That year for Christmas my husband surprised me, he had taken that ring to a jeweller and had them recreate it into a ring that would not tarnish! I love the idea that when I wear a certain ring it brings back memories of the places I have been. One of my rings I bought at a street vendor at the Calgary Stampede, one is from my first time in NYC, one is from Aruba, Barbados and Miami.......


  1. Aww... you have such a lovely collection in here! And totally agree, a nice ring can be a great statement piece and, sometimes, even a nice conversation starter! I really like how you have them all here so well organized and in display, I definitely need something like this so I can see and wear mine more often!


  2. Great collection ! Love rings- the make such a statement . I need an organizer like that too.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, now following you !

    Xo Amy,

  3. I found myself looking at rings at Francesca's not long after I found your blog. You do rings very well!

  4. Fantastic collection! I love how you collect them as you travel :D

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