Saturday, 5 January 2013

7 of 7

Yaaaaa final choice..... Outfit #7 - Now this dress is one that I bought last year and have not had the opportunity to wear. I actually am in LOVE with this dress. Probably because it is by far the warmest dress I have ever owned and I do love to be warm. I have been waiting for an occasion to wear this as it would need to be in the fall/winter. I know that technically bubble skirts are OUT but I don't follow any of that stuff anyway.  Not sure if I will wear the tights or not or if I will wear boots or heels, all I know is that I am dying to wear this dress. (not sure about the lighting on the last picture no idea why it showed up a blueish colour??)


  1. This is a beautiful skirt!!!! It has n amazing color!!!

  2. I love your Pants!!!

  3. i love this skirt of you, and that belt is perfect with it!


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