Thursday, 17 January 2013

Clothes Shopping at Costco?

Like most people we pop into Costco to pick up a couple of items and end up spending a TON of money. Something about that place sucks us in every time. The one thing a lot of people overlook are the clothes. I have been quite lucky in the past to find quite a few items that I love. They always have great brands like Clavin Klein, DKNY and Kenneth Cole to name a few at really low prices. Last night was no exception when I spotted this green sweater, I new I needed to have it. Love the colour and style. Perfect for a day of running around. I have a lunch date, drinks date and dinner date all today....when it rains it pours.


  1. Hi. I just wanted to let you know that your blog is amazing. Do you maybe want to follow each other?? Let me know.


  2. Sweeet! I love it with the blue shirt under. Green is bold and peaceful at the same time. My favourite color. And it looks great on you!

  3. Nice blog! :) Check out mine and tell me what do you think about following each other on GFC, Bloglovin or FB! ;) Kiss

  4. Great find! I love that green color!

  5. Uh, I am SO with you on the lure of Costco. And let's not even get started with the powers of Target. Have you seen that Modern Family episode in one of the earlier seasons when Cam and Mitchell go to Costco? So hilarious because it's so true.

  6. love those booties!!! cute outfit!



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