Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hot Water Bottle = Love

So I have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day. On one hand I am a true romantic and love, love. I mean I had a Valentine's Day party, I decorated my house, I love anything with a heart on get the idea. On the other hand, I hate being told what day to tell someone how you feel about them. I hate the commercialization of any holiday. I want to be given flowers on a random day during the week just because.... When my husband makes me a hot water bottle and puts it in the bed when I am out so that when I get home my side of the bed is warm, that's the most romantic thing you could do for me. Having said all that, I couldn't let today go by without showing a little love.....


  1. Valentine's Day can be a bit tricky, right?

    You nailed this casual look; love that top! :)


  2. I think that's so sweet about the hot water bottle! Bless him!
    I totally agree about what you said, you shouldn't need a specific day to show your love for someone.
    Hope you've enjoyed the day regardless
    Sarah x

  3. Very inspiring! I like your blog, what about following each other?

  4. now thats a good man who knows how his wife will feel loved.

  5. nice post.


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