Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday....Quote Day.

Spent a great day yesterday shopping with a friend. I have been really good lately with trying not to buy new things, of course I saw a million things I wanted but I managed to buy only a few accessories and that was it. I started writing down how much I spend on clothes (purses, jewellery etc...) each month and while January was not a good start, 3 days into February and I think it is going to be a much better month.
Love this quote, it is so important for young girls to stand strong against societies views of what they should look like and learn to love themselves as they are. Having 4 nieces all under the age of 13 I am hoping things don't get worse before they get better.


  1. I have a young daughter and looking back on my experiences, I think one of the strongest factors in how many young women priced themselves is how their mothers talked about themselves. (Such as going around saying "I'm fat, or I'm ugly, ect" all of the time.) That really sinks in at such an impressionable age and I think especially as women, we're encouraged to have a modest view of ourselves, we're seen as vain if we voice what we like about ourselves. Maybe if the older generations are able to accept themselves, it will help show the younger generation that it's respectable to have a positive view of themselves. This was a great subject to start a conversation on, it's one that defiantly needs to be talked about more!
    Good luck on your shopping as well!

    1. I totally agree Katie. Our generation needs to ensure young girls are hearing the right messages!

  2. so right it brings me to tears! Could you please consider following each other? I am sure you will love my blog it is all about being creative :)


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