Monday, 4 March 2013

South Carolina

So excited to be counting down the days until I head to South Carolina. It is -5 today so anything warmer will be a welcome relief. I am a bit of an overly eager packer so I have started to pull out possibilities of what to pack. I hate packing as I tend to over pack,  I always want to ensure I have options. What if it gets cold? Need sweaters, what if there is a really warm day? Need t-shirts, what if it rains? Need rain boots......this is why I always have way too much. Below is one option I am thinking about. Tank under a sweater, jeans can be rolled up or down..... This is going to take awhile!


  1. Hi Pia. I am Ada. Nice to "meet" you. I found your blog through one of the link-ups and I am glad I did. You have simple, chic, elegant style. I am really liking the sweater of today's outfit. So cool & unique.

    I am going to follow your blog from now on and I hope you stop by mine and support me too, by following. I just want to let you know that I run a Weekly Feature and here is something for you to check out:

    Thanks, Ada.

  2. Your blog is very cool!)
    Follow you) Follow me, if you want)

  3. oh wow i really love your sweater! it has so many different textures =)


  4. Wow, I love your top. It's unique and so lovely! :D
    Mind to follow each other? Let me know. :)

    See you soon. xx

  5. This is a really cute sweater! Totally unique!
    FashionEdible Blog


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