Thursday, 4 April 2013


Does anyone else watch the show Revenge? I just got caught up last night, I love this show but lately it seems like it is getting a little crazy. Too many unbelievable story lines.  Of course I won't stop watching it until the end when hopefully Emily figures out getting revenge just isn't worth it and will never make you happy.
This top is one of the new ones I bought down south. I think it is still a little cool outside as all that mesh is letting in a lot of cold air making me freezing. Will it ever get warm enough so that I can wear some spring clothes??

Sweater : TJ Maxx // Jeans : old // Shoes : Target // Watch : Michael Kors // Purse : old


  1. Your outfit is great my dear!! I watch revenge too, but I have missed the latest episodes because in Italy they don't go live on tv :-)
    Thank you so much for popping by!! Come again soon!!
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  2. I really love your navy look, this sweater it´s amazing!

    I´m your new follower, love your style.

  3. Blue, white and yellow = so amazing combination... Love your sweater!

  4. Omgg love the sweater! I'm a follower now~

  5. I'm a Revenge fan too - haven't seen the last episode yet, though. I'm thinking they should finish up the series soon. Shows that drag are never fun!

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    P.S. I absolutely love your sweater!

  6. I LOVE REVENGE!!! I'm with you, though, that the story's getting complicated. I feel like they're adding subplots just to milk more episodes out of the story, but I'm not nearly as interested in them as I am in Emily's plot. I couldn't care less about The Initiative, and all the business take-over stuff goes over my head. I want Emily with Aiden, Nolan to be cool again, and for Jack to please stop acting like an idiot.

    Oh, and I love your outfit today!

  7. nice :)

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  8. I love stripes and I love navy! This is such a cute and casual top! Love it!

  9. I sure do love your striped top and we have thing in common, I like to shop at TJ max also. they have the affordable price there. have a lovely day Pia!


  10. Love the bag!! Such a cute outfit, as always!


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