Sunday, 5 May 2013

Water Fight!

I try really hard to live by the below quote. Yesterday I was attempting to do some gardening when my son and his friend decided to pull out the water guns. They thought it was funny to try and get me so I ran around the backyard until I could get to the door to go inside and take cover. I remembered a few years earlier my husband had bought my son (himself) a ridiculously over the top super soaker. I knew my son had forgotten about it. The looks on their faces when I came charging out the door with the super soaker fully loaded was priceless. We all ended up soaking wet.
Laugh like your 10 - Check!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun - good to know it wasn't just you who got soaked!

    Enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend.

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

  2. All excellent advice - must remember to follow it!

  3. I have never heard this quote before, but I love it! And I love that you jumped in with the super soaker fun. Yesterday I was coloring with my friend's son, and we had so much fun. I was laughing like I was four. :)


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  5. HAHAHA! the looks on their faces would have been hilarious! good on you. hun. it's a great quote to live by


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