Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Italy Dress

I bought this dress in a small boutique in Italy last year on our family vacation. My sister and I both fell in love with it as soon as we saw it. There was only one, my sister said I have no where to wear it so go ahead. When I buy something I never think of places to wear it, if I fall in love I just buy it and find a place to wear it. Funny though because my sister has worn this dress to a wedding but I have yet to wear it!

Dress: Boutique in Italy // Belt: Winners // Shoes: Old 


  1. It is a beautiful dress. One day you will wear it and look awesome. I am a new follower from Cropped Stories.

  2. That dress looks fabulous on you Pia!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. It looks great on you. Red is hard to pull off (which is why I rarely wear it) but it looks great against your skin tone!

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  4. Very pretty! My sis and I share dresses as well!

  5. I can see why you and your sister fell in love with it! Such a pretty dress Pia...and it would not be the same without that belt:)!


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