Wednesday, 24 July 2013

"To Go" Pile

I have had this shirt in my "to go" pile for over a year (you know the pile of clothes that sits somewhere forever and you want to get rid of it but something is holding you back) and for some reason I just could never quite let go of it. I just realized when looking at these pictures that the design kind of looks like an owl. Anyone else see that or is it just me, cause I really love owls so I may just have to keep it for another year.

Top: Old // Jeans: TJ Maxx // Shoes: Ralph Lauren // Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Pretty embroidery on your top!

  2. It's kinda sexy too! I'd keep it for a bit, get some use out of it and then let it go. :)

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  3. From far away it sort of does! Embroidered shirts seem to be making their way back in this year so as Jules mentioned, maybe keep for a bit and then sell/let go. I have a "to go" pile as well - sometimes I get fed up with it and purge, though :)

  4. Great look ;)

  5. Most definitely one to keep - I love the details around the neckline.

    Kate x
    Kate at Home


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