Tuesday, 24 September 2013

53 Years of Marriage

Today is my parents 53rd Wedding Anniversary. They are such incredible role models to myself and my brothers and sister. We are all very fortunate to have grown up watching the mutual love and respect that my parents showed each other every day. With the challenges of moving to a new country with 4 small children my parents have been through so much over the years and have come out of it  together and as strong as ever. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Shirt: Old Navy // Pants: Jacob // Watch: Michael Kors // Heels: Ralph Lauren


  1. Love that necklace and pretty pink top!

    Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad! :)


  2. WOW Congratulations to them. May they enjoy 50 more years together. I like the Pink Blouse, Watch & Necklace, Pia. =)

  3. Happy Anniversary to your parents!


  4. great necklace! congrats to mum and pop!

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  6. First of all, happy 53 anniversary to your Mom & Dad... so amazing that the two loving souls are growing up together day by days. Same as my Mom and Dad, they've been know each other since the kindergarten..

    I really love your classy outfit, I love how bright the top is!

    Have a great week to you Pia. (I had a real nice week-end with my family) I hope you had one too!


  7. Wow! Congrats to both of them! I definitely understand moving to a new country and how difficult that is. So awesome that you have role models like them.

  8. Wow, that's amazing! Love this top and necklace today, you look great!

  9. Awww..so sweet! Congrats to your parents!! That is truly unique these days! Lucky girl!


  10. Congrats to them! That’s a wonderful thing to be with someone you love for more than half of your life. Love the necklace ^^


  11. I just love the colour of your blouse and the necklace is stunning too.

    Kate x
    Kate at Home


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