Friday, 13 September 2013


I took my son to the book store last night and since I have to stay in the kids section while he sits on the floor and looks at books, I am left to read whatever is handy. Luckily they had the Guinness Book of Records and Strange Facts. One of the things I came across was Koumpounophobia which is the fear of buttons. Who knew? I mean can you imagine having a fear of buttons? How difficult it would be to get dressed every day? Definitely feeling grateful I do not have this fear!
Happy Friday.

Jacket: Thrifted // Tank: Gap // Pants: TJ Maxx // Watch: Roxy // Shoes: Target


  1. I cannot imagine that either! Sometimes buttons make the jacket/skirt/coat! I always love looking through strange facts type of books - I always find the "longest fingernails" or "longest hair" facts both interesting and a bit disturbing.

    PS I love the color of your pants - they're a beautiful shade!

  2. Wow ! at least it's not cacophobia (fear of ugly people)

  3. love the blue jeans! and great little jacket . . .

  4. Oh how i love that jacket. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!


  5. That jacket looks so cozy... perfect for going into the weekend.

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  6. A fear of buttons!!?! And, aside from the difficulty of having to get dressed, think about having to learn to pronounce it.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Kate x
    Kate at Home

  7. I cant imagine the person have a fear of buttons and I agree, must be so difficult to get dress. I want your Jacket, I feels an autumn this morning when I gets up.

    Have a great Saturday and week-end.

  8. I would wear this outfit almost all the time! Cute look. And fear of buttons? I think i had that as a kid.I seriously would get nervous when my mom made me try to button my own things. I used to ask my friends to do it at school!! I'm very clearly over it (or am I?) Funny that its been diagnosed. Haha!

  9. great jacket! I'm following you. I really hope you to the same!

  10. That is a strange fear. I love Buttons. I am in love with your jacket, casual but cute. This Outfit is making me wear something similar. I am loving Cobalt Blue these days. Your Shoes are very similar to ones I have from Target but in Yellow.


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