Tuesday, 8 October 2013

White Jeans in the Fall

I certainly got a lot of good use out of my white jeans over the summer, however,  one of the fashion debates has always been can I wear white in the fall/winter? Well, not sure where all of these fashion rules started but I always say wear what you want when you want! So I thought I would show how to transition your white jeans into a fall outfit. What do you think? Will you be wearing white jeans beyond the summer?

Jacket: Old // Shirt: TJ Maxx // Jeans: Target // Boots: Nine West


  1. I think this is the perfect way to wear white!

  2. Great outfit. Love the way you styled those white jeans. I need to get a pair of skinny white jeans.



  3. love this muted combo . . . great for Fall

  4. I love your transition with white jeans into fall! The scarf and jacket go perfectly with it and it's perfect for those sunny fall days. And you know me, I'm all for white jeans year-round!

  5. Great outfit.. In love with your boots and jacket :)

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  6. This is a great outfit! I love white denim, year round. However, I typically only like to wear it when the weather reflects it, like if it is sunny outside rather than rainy. Love the brown paired with it.


  7. ░░░░░░░████████░░░░░░░░█████████░░░░░░
    Feliz Semana... ★MaRiBeL★

  8. I agree you can wear whatever you want any time you want to. I live by that rule too. My white jeans have shrunk or maybe I grew wider so they do not fit me anymore. ^^ Have to find new ones.
    I like your vintage-y looking ring and rustic style boots. Cool outfit!

  9. Pia you just showed us all how to style white jeans in the fall and winter! Love the look my friend! From the jacket and scarf down to the boots...the whole outfit is gorgeous!

  10. I definitely think you can wear white jeans year round! The way you styled them with the jacket and boots is just perfect to bring them into fall.

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  11. I love white jeans, fall, summer, whatever season. Plus you made yours so chic for Fall styling them the way you did. Love the Brown/Beige.

  12. I love wearing white year-round too!! Thanks for linking up to Trend Spin and come back next week for Plaid & Gingham :)

    Erin @ The Fashion Canvas

  13. I like the brown with the white jeans. It gives it a Fall vibe.


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