Friday, 6 December 2013

Black Friday Find

I didn't buy a lot of things on Black Friday but I did pick up this dress for $15 at H&M. I love the structured look, how the skirt part flares and it is an item I can wear year round. Here is what it looks like on its own, which is fine for warmer weather.

I originally thought I would wear it with a blazer..........

However, I think I much prefer the look with a cardigan and belt for the winter. What do you guys think?

Dress: H&M // Blazer: Really Old // Cardigan: H&M // Shoes: Ralph Lauren // Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Great find on the dress. I like it both ways, really, depending on where you're going and what you're doing. The blazer definitely makes it look very serious and professional...almost like you're going to an interview. The cardigan is slightly more casual but still nicely dressed up and it seems like it might work better for a bigger variety of events. Okay, so I've talked myself into voting for the cardigan. :)

    On the Daily Express

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  3. Pia, this would look good on you if you found a old tent and tied it around your shoulders... meaning of course, that you HAVE that perfect figure. Now that the obvious is out of the way, I will say my preference is for the sweater and bow belt, but for an "official" occasion the blazer is lovely too!
    XX, Elle

  4. I like the belted option best!

  5. What a Gorgeous Sheath Dress. I prefer it on its own, but I also love it with the Cardigan & Girly Bow Belt. It looks more streamlined with the Blazer but I think for a conservative office job, would look best that way.

  6. Nice find... i did not buy anything for Black Friday, in fact i did not eve set my foot on the mall.


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