Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Black & Grey

I really don't mean to keep wearing so much Black and Grey, maybe it is the weather that is making me want to be dressed in dark colours. It is so dark in the mornings now and dark so early in the evenings. It doesn't get more simple than this look. Here's hoping for some sunshine and brighter colours.

Jacket: Old // Tank: Forever 21 // Jeans: J Brand // Boots: Ross // Watch: Marc Jacobs


  1. Nice jacket! Althought is fall and cold we must try to put color in the outfit :)
    Today new post, The bib necklace, an essential complement
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

  2. I love the jacket! I wear black and grey a lot! There's no sunshine in sight here my friend. A couple of days ago, in the morning, I needed to take a picture for the blog and I thought "I'll wait until it's light outside." Took me a while to clue in that it was never going to get any lighter! ;)

  3. That jacket is amazing! I am loving the dark colors, (it seems to be my color of choice lately!
    I look forward to tomorrow's look :)

  4. The ruffle detail on this jacket is awesome! The dreary weather does the opposite for me. I tend to dress in color or sparkles, lol!

  5. Black and gray are such classic colors! Maybe another trip to the Caribbean is in order? I know I've been itching to get away - I think some sun and clear blue waters would be amazing right now :)

    1. Oh how I wish I was going to the Caribbean right now! It is only December and I am so over this Winter thing.

  6. Hi Pia! How are you? This jacket is too cute! look so cute on you!!!

    Have a great Saturday Pia!


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