Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I cannot believe my lack of posts lately, but honestly life has been really busy lately. Plus this weather is really driving me crazy. We are under a cold weather alert again, it is dark most of the time so I feel like my photo quality is so bad. Anyway, had a nice relaxing week-end watching movies and trying to clean my house. Trying being the key word. This shrug is old and I can't remember where I bought it but I do love it.

Shrug: Old // Shirt: Forever 21 // Jeans: TJ Maxx // Boots: Kenneth Cole // Watch: Michael Kors


  1. Looking good as usual! I hate the cold too. It's getting to that very depressing time of year around here. Hang in there! :)


  2. That's a super cute shrug! We just got blasted with some snow yesterday so it was fun (only because we got to stay at home) and today it's about 0F. I'm sure it's much colder in your area so stay warm!

  3. Great post dear,love the shrug and you accessories are awesome,.
    Check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other if we arent doing so now.
    Keep in touch

  4. Cute shape! I am incredibly over this winter. We had snow days yesterday and today, and while the five-day weekend is always cool, I'm ready to bust out the warmer weather clothes!


  5. comfortable looking,nice
    thank you for sharing this,love so much
    happy everyday and have a pretty time
    hope you can check my new post and share beauty:

  6. I love that shrug too. Hope things calm down for you.

    Enjoy your weekend!! Ada. =)

  7. I've been really busy too and now we have a new system at school that's blocked most of the blogs I read, that really cutting into to my reading routine. :( such a fun sweater here.

  8. Love that shrug, the stripes are so flattering and the boots look great
    XX, Elle


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