Friday, 25 April 2014

3 in 1 Dress

I love taking a piece of clothing and seeing how many different ways you could wear the same piece. While these are not very creative ideas, they are great if you are just begining to experiment. This dress is the perfect example. See below for three different ways to style it. Which is your favourite?

Add a skirt over top

Wear it with a blazer

Wear it on its own

Dress: Banana Republic // Skirt & Blazer: H&M // Shoes: Ecco // Watch & Sandles: Michael Kors


  1. Thank you for the lovely wished well Pia, I'm hanging in there. My favorite is the one with the blazer. I love how glamour and classy the look is just adding the blazer:).. Have a lovely weekend with your family Pia.

  2. I think I love the plain dress and the dress worn as a skirt the best. They are such great looks! I think the dress would work as a skirt too. So many ways to wear it!

  3. I love the dress (I seem to gravitate toward lace for some reason ^^). My favorite would be when you wore the dress on its own and paired it with these beautiful sandals...which match perfectly! I also like the dress worn over a skirt-it's pretty creative and that's how you stretch your closet ^^

  4. I love the plain but its a wonderful garment to take with you for example on a work trip - because the possibilities are endless.

  5. What a pretty dress! I love pieces that can be styled in a bunch of different ways!

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  6. I just love the first look and the dress by itself. What a gorgeous dress. I absolutely love when something can be versatile and you can pair it with different things! also, let's talk about how amazing your jewelry is in these :)

  7. hi pia! i somehow thought of your blog today. great that you're still posting outfits every day :D i love the look with the blazer!

  8. What a gorgeous dress Pia. Love the two colors on it. I love it belted with the blazer but my first look of the dress as top is my fave. =)


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