Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Those of you that read my Instagram will know that after 10 years of my friend asking, I finally agreed to join her soccer league. I decided it was time to do something that was 1. Outside of my comfort zone and 2. Scared me. It was a lot of fun but it has been many many years since I played soccer and I have barely been able to walk for the past couple of days! It does however, inspire me to get in better shape. So like my necklace here I am feeling stiff and probably resemble a robot as I try to walk the pain out.

Blazer: Winners // Jeans: Michael Kors // Shoes: Boutique in Miami


  1. beautiful girl,you do a good job in match,such a fashion feeling
    wanna be your new friend,can i ?
    just send my kiss first,and waiting for your answer,dear
    have a nice day and keep in touch

    your lovely Poppy

  2. really loved your blazer.... so chic with the white detailing.
    Lovely post.

  3. I saw your post on Instagram and thought it was the coolest thing! I hope you'll be posting some pictures! Soccer has always been my favorite sport and I have always thought it would be fun to play as an adult. However, I don't know anyone that plays. I think it's exciting that you already have a friend on the team!

  4. Another gorgeous blazer. What a beautiful, bright yellow. I also love that robot necklace. Good luck with soccer. I cannot play any sports (especially ones involving a ball lol).


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