Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Short Week

Yesterday was a holiday for us and we spent a wonderful day at my in-laws sitting outside in the warm but windy sunshine. Holiday's mean short weeks, which I love, all day you think it is Monday and then realize it is already Tuesday! Last week I also celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary. I am not one who likes to boast too often but I had to post a pic of the ring my husband bought me. Pretty awesome.

Shirt: Bluenotes // T-Shirt: Target // Jeans: Old // Shoes: Target // Watch: Michael Kors


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  2. Loved this post, the shirt is perfect for summer as is the choice of nail colour!
    Stop by sometime, Sarah x


  3. Congrats on 10 years together. Our is next year. That ring is gorgeous!!!!!!



  4. That is beautiful ring Pia, and congrats on your 10 years. I.m not one of those either. My 10 years is right in a comer too. Have a great week.


  5. Love the plaid shirt! Congratulations on your 10 years, Pia!! Are you kidding, you have to show off that rock. That is a gorgeous ring!! I already traded my 10-year ring upgrade for a Chanel bag..so no big rock for me. ^_~


  6. First of all happy anniversary ! may you have many, many more.... and what a gorgeous ring. How thoughtful of your hubby.

  7. Your ring and necklace are beautiful and the message of the necklace fits the 10-year anniversary. Happy 10 years!! It will be 10 years we have been married, next year, for us. =)

  8. OK, I love this relaxed style. This is how I've been dressing like EVERY DAY. And what a beautiful ring!
    Patterned Love


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