Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Beginning....

I recently hit a milestone birthday (ok so it was last year but I am still coping with it!) When my husband asked me what I wanted there was really only one answer. This gift would not only benefit me but my husband would reap ongoing reward from it as well. You see for years he has complained of our bursting at the seams closet. My clothes, purses, shoes and accessories had slowly taken over and his half was slowing turning into less than a quarter. So my gift, turning my small office into a dressing room or simply a closet was a win win for both of us.
The outcome was pure joy, I can literally sit in this room, smile and be happy doing absolutely nothing. I do not claim to be a professional, however, if I could eat sleep and dream about fashion and all things related I would. This is how this blog was created. I have spent hours pouring over other people's blogs and have found so much inspiration that I thought I would share some of my trials and tribulations with all things fashion. I'll start with the before and after of my "Closet".

Before the Make-Over.

After the Make-Over.

Stay tuned for more.........

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  1. I would definitely follow this blog. The name and creative set-up are appealing. What a great idea to have a dressing room. Do share more about how you have set up each cupboard.


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