Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pink & Peach

I love this short sleeve sweater that combines pink and peach. The only problem, it is short sleeves and it is way too cold to bare that much arm right now. My solution was to add this white shirt underneath. To be honest I am not really happy with it and much prefer this shirt on its own, so I either suffer all day being cold or I wait until it gets warmer out to wear this top. What do people do who live in climates that are warm all year round? They are so lucky! I guess they wish they could wear big wooly sweaters and boots.


  1. very nice jeans. :)

  2. The pink sweater is super cute - and the orange belt complemented it perfectly =)!
    - Che

  3. Pink and peach are great together! Just wait for summer, we'll probably be begging for winter temperatures (if you live in a humid-infested region like me) ;)

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