Thursday, 7 March 2013

Old Eggplant

I have a lot of clothes that I have had for quite some time. Some call me a pack rat but I say, hey you never know when you might wear something again. Case in point, I believe that this blazer may be the oldest thing in my closet. I bought it at XOXO a VERY long time ago. I don't want to mention just how long ago cause I feel like some people were still in diapers when I bought this. The reason I bought it back then is the same reason I hung onto it and still love it.....the Colour! Not even sure if these pictures do it justice, it is a great eggplant colour. I also happen to have this shirt and purse that are a few shades lighter but go together perfectly. I am almost done packing for my trip and cannot wait to get away for some R&R.


  1. I love the color. Wonder if you could change the buttons out to update it some? I'm having that dilemma in my closet today. Purge or Save.

    1. That is a great idea and I maybe I can keep it for another decade if I do it!

  2. You have such an amazing blog! I definitely have to follow! keep on the good work!
    maybe you want to check out my blog too ;)


  3. That looks really pretty! The color is also nice. :) I, too, dislike getting rid of clothes. I really only get rid of clothes when I'm literally tired of them.

  4. I've seen your posts and I think all of them are great and very inspiring so I'm your newest fan and follower :) I invite you to follow me back.


  5. love the whole purple outfit look. you can rock it! i admire how well you match! i rarely do that!

  6. I love the combination of the whole outfit. I love the color violet. I'm now a fan of yours.

  7. Such a fabulous blazer. Love! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post. xo


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