Friday, 22 March 2013

Sweater or a Dress?

Not quite sure if this is a sweater or a dress. This seems to happen a lot these days, not sure if it is because dresses are shorter or if sweaters are longer. This has an asymmetrical hemline so on one side it is ok as a dress however, the other side is a wee bit short. Solution, tights and boots. Think I am safe either way.


  1. I've one quite the same, I would wear as a dress as a petite type I am..But you did great to put all together Pia, well done..Thx for the tips..hugs


  2. Wow, amazing outfit Pia! Love the color combinations :-)

  3. I've noticed that too! For those dresses/tops, I tend to wear dark tights (almost legging-like). Or sometimes I wear a skirt underneath that is the same length as the tunic (for those summer pieces that are long enough in the front/back but just cut high on the side like your dress).

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  4. lovely dress! thans for your nice comment pia :)

    x viktoria

  5. Cute ! :D
    Welcome --->

  6. Tim Gunn, the gentleman-mentor of Project Runway, once said: "If you have to ask if a clothing item is a dress or a top, it is always a top" :) So it was a good choice to wear the black tights, I guess.


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