Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

I would imagine a lot of people reading this might never have heard of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. It began before I was born but was an iconic show. It was the first time a show featured a never-been- married independent career woman as the main character. Why you may ask am I sharing this piece of television history, well when I first saw this dress the thought that instantly came to mind was Mary Tyler Moore. I remember my Mom watching the show and have seen many re-runs. This just seemed like the type of dress Mary would have worn. That and it reminds me on the 70's. I had a love hate relationship with it, not sure if I loved it or hated it. The price was right so I went with the love. I think I  will enjoy it more in the spring with wedge sandals. Oh and I am pretty sure Mary would not have worn these nylons!


  1. love the dress!

  2. I've seen your legging, the color with this dress is wonderful.



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