Thursday, 18 April 2013


Today I am going to see a Psychic. Now I know that the majority of people do not believe in psychic's, I  have visited a few in my life and of course there are some that have no clue and I'm pretty sure they are just trying to make a buck. I do however, believe that some people have abilities that we may not all understand. My personal experiences have been pretty hard to explain. I have been told things that no one would ever know. Many years before I met my husband I was told I would date three dark haired men before I met a light haired man who would be my husband. 10 years and three boyfriends (all dark haired) later, I met my husband (he was wearing exactly what she told me he would be). I am a pretty open minded person to many things so when two of my girlfriends are spending the day together to visit a psychic and have lunch I am definitely joining them.

Jean Jacket: Old // Black Cargos: Winners // T-Shirt: Target // Watch: Marc Jacobs // Shoes: Converse


  1. I think it's cool you've met with some psychics. I agree that some people are just in tune with things. Cute outfit. Love the jean jacket.

  2. Your denim jacket looks great in this outfit. I'm finding myself repeatedly wearing my denim jackets. They go with everything! Have fun with your friends!

  3. Wow, psychics actually interest me, though I'm too scared that they'll figure out everything in my life hahaha. Love your denim jacket btw <3

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