Monday, 16 December 2013


Sometimes I forget that I am no longer 12! Like when I saw this necklace, I knew I had to have it. Now I know that most women my age would probably not get excited over a robot necklace, but what can I say? It is so cute! Is it just me or does anyone else get excited for this kind of stuff?

Blazer: Target // Top: Zara // Jean: Really Old // Boots: Kenneth Cole // Necklace: Betsey Johnson


  1. I love unique and odd pieces of jewelry, and this necklace is super cute! I would have picked it out if I saw it while shopping too. Love the jacket also with the boots. Have a nice Monday!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  2. Ha, yes, this happens to me, too. I usually have pretty classic (some might say boring....) taste, then once in awhile I'll be really drawn to a random print or statement piece. It really makes no sense, but why not have fun with it? Love your classic look today, robot necklace and all!
    On the Daily Express

  3. It is adorable. I think it's great that you remember the kid in you. :)

  4. The robot necklace is adorable and perfectly acceptable with the grown up blazer :)

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  5. So I'm not drawn to robots so much as nerdy stuff like a scrabble piece necklace. I saw it while out shopping yesterday and thought it was hilarious (and I texted a picture of it to a friend who also likes Scrabble). I think it's so fun to wear unique things that aren't typically mass produced or worn.

  6. Well i am not drawn to robots and think this one is mighty cute.

  7. I mean who wouldn't love that cute robot necklace? I've never seen one like this before, but I adore it!


  8. I love cute and nerdy accessories (heck, I still get excited over movie-themed paraphernalia). I say you did a great job incorporating it into a grown-up outfit.


  9. Love you boots!!!
    Great look, dear:)
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  10. I def. get excited over funky pieces like your adorable robot necklace. I absolutely love the houndstooth blazer.


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