Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sunday Quote.....

It is such a busy time of year, I feel like I have not had a moment to catch my breath. This definitely hit home for me! We had a crazy snow storm yesterday and I feel like we are snowed in! (not really just wishing I didn't have to go out in this weather). Hope wherever you are you are warm and cozy, prerferebly in front of a fire with good company.


  1. Pia,
    Yes I most certainly feel like that, this time of year. I think that is what eggnog is for!
    XX, Elle

  2. This is hilarious! Make sure to stop by my blog to enter in a chance to win a giftcard to Nordstrom!


  3. I laughed a lot when I read this quote. It snowed last week here, but fortunately, it was not a snow storm. Stay warm and have a wonderful week!

  4. Haha. Funny but true. It rings true for me today. I love how I look but the house is a mess lol.


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